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The Ultimate Guide to Quora Marketing
by Emil Bruckner

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I’m Emil, the founder of Find Better Questions. While building a tool that helps marketers get the most out of answering questions on Quora, I figured out that many people struggle with finding the right strategy.

Having read and listened to 100+ resources on the topic, I know that it’s not too easy to get big on Quora. Even when starting seems easy and resources are widely available, having success is a different game.

Because I want the users of this software to have success on the platform, I bundled all my knowledge into a single book.

The best part: You can also have it. It’s free and available now.

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Frequent Questions

Is this for me?

If you’re a marketer or doing marketing, and would like to or already use Quora for that job, yes.

Is it a printed book?


Oh, it’s only a short PDF. So you just want my email.

You’re not wrong. I’m a marketer too, and I do want your email. But I won’t spam you, and you’ll get a pretty good book about Quora Marketing. I even offer a 100% money back guarantee. 🙃

Why do you write this?

I read hundreds of articles on Quora Marketing. Even after reading 50 or so, there were still things I didn’t know. Time to put that knowledge into a proper format. Oh, and I want to market Find Better Questions with it. (Don’t worry, there’s only one page or two about it.)

This isn’t the first book on Quora Marketing


Will I learn about Quora ads?

No. This is about answering questions on Quora.

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